Prof. Wade Halvorson from SP Jain Global School of Managementin Singapore delivered our keynote address at our third HUGS(HubSpot User Group Singapore) meeting. Prof. Halvorson's presentation and discussion was on the future of wearable technology and how digital marketing of the future may evolve -- and area that is interesting is the convergence of technologu and fashion. Other discussions include a case study presentation on HUBSPOT and Start-ups and 5-ways to Get the Most of Your HUBSPOT Subscription.

Visit our HUGS homepage for more details at  http://singapore.hubspotusergroups.com. To continue to build an ASEAN Inbound Community, we are encouraging digital marketers in Kuala Lumpur interested in Inbound and Hubspot to sign-up for our Hubspot User Group Singapore (HUGS) to gains access to our HUGS website with exclusive information for our regional community.

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What is Inbound Marketing To Digital Marketing?

INBOUND MARKETING is all about creating marketing online that your customers' love in 5-Steps:

GET FOUND: The first and most critical step of Inbound Marketing is all about literally getting noticed in: (1) Searches  (2) Social Media, and (3) Blogs

NURTURE LEADS: You begin by driving prospects to your site by using effective call-to-action (CTA) and continue to driving them down the "lead funnel" by providing information or education of value to the customer.

CONVERT LEADS: The final phase of the funnel is getting the prospect to make a purchase -- crossing over from prospect to being a new customer.

BUILD LOYALTY: Keep satisfied customers loyal by continue to retain their relationship with your company post purchase.  If possible, encourage happy customers to share their experience online.
ANALYSE: The amount of data generated from new media can be overwhelming.  Relevant data is an important part of digital marketing to drive continuous improvement as part of the review process. 

Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Inbound Marketing and Hubspot in Singapore & ASEAN Countries.

Why Digital Marketing - What has Changed?

The Customer.  As digital media continues to grow -- the Customer is spending significantly less time in traditional media such as television, radio and newspapers -- driven by the growth of the internet and mobile smartphone technology.  Communications has moved from "mass one-way" to "two-way interaction" in real time.  The amount of marketing noise has also increased significantly, prompting the Customer to find ways and means to filter and control what they want to see and read.  The ability of the Customer to choose means that they no longer accept being interrupted.

Outbound vs Inbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing, or sometimes referred to as interruption marketing, is how marketing used to be done (and in some cases, still is!) by companies investing millions of dollars and resources - hoping to "break through the noise" to reach the customer.   With the Customer more adept at blocking out what they do not want to see or read, the cost of the sledgehammer approach is increasing, which the effectiveness is diminishing.  Year-on-year, the amount spent on traditional media is also declining.

Inbound Marketing is the marketing Customers love

They are not interrupted, stuffed or tricked into the buying process.  The concept of "permission marketing" or "mass customization" has it's roots with gurus like Peppers and Rogers and Seth Godin, advocating a totally different approach to marketing.  Brian Halligan, in his 2009 publication of "Inbound Marketing", clearly gave a wakeup call to marketers -- "People shop and learn a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction".  His simple formula is: Get Found by Prospects, Converting Customers and Make Better Decisions with analytics!

What Are the Ingredients for Success in Digital Marketing?

  • Alignment of Business, Marketing and Sales Objective.
  • Inbound Digital Marketing
  • Automated Digital Marketing Platform
  • Right Talent and Marketing Education 

Inbound Marketing - Does it Work in Singapore or ASEAN?

Singapore is one of the most digitally connected city state in the world with internet and broadband penetration near 100%! ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand also boasts very high penetration of internet users including ecommerce. We believe Inbound Marketing is the right digital marketing strategy for Singapore and ASEAN.

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