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Let Other People Talk About Your Charity

Jul 18, 2018 11:41:28 PM / by Lester Lee

One of the best way to get your message across is to get others to talk about you.  Word of mouth is more powerful than you merely saying something -- when many people talk about something online, it is what you would term as "going viral".  Of course, it would be great if everything you said or published would go viral online each time, but it is not likely.

How a content goes viral in the internet is not entirely known.  But here are a few tips to help you increase your chances:

  • Develop content that is unusual and interesting -- the most powerful medium is video.  Keeping it short helps.  Most of the viral content are funny and make people laugh.  Others make people cry.  In short, content that impacts the human emotion strongly gets a better chance of being passed along.
  • Insert digital links to the content everywhere possible.  Make it easy for people to find the video or blog.  Use little banners or buttons and put them in online newsletters, Facebook pages, website and emails that you send.  
  • Identify the key influencers or bloggers in your VWO or non-profit space -- for example, if you are in the area of children, identify the influencers who talks regularly about the subject.  Email them so that they know about your content and hopefully, they may like it enough to post it on the website or Facebook page.  The right influencers normally have lots of followers that are likely also your target audience.
  • Many traditional newspapers also have online versions and it is easy for them to spotlight something of interest like a video which they cannot do in print.  Also, you should have a list of websites in your space that may also be able to help your content go viral.  Remember, these sites are also looking for content.


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Lester Lee

Written by Lester Lee

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