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SEO: Are You Smarter Than Google?

Posted by Lester Lee on Tue, Mar 31, 2015 @ 31:04 PM

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How much of the so-called content put out there for the sole purpose of SEO is truly thought provoking and original, and worth taking the time to read? With so much emphasis on "content marketing", webmasters are pushing content out there at a phenomenal rate.  Is every company trying to out blog the other?  With that we should not be surprised if the quality of content marketing begins to slide.  So how does all of this impact SEO, and more importantly, your digital marketing investments?

So much effort is put into trying to get the coveted  “first page” ranking in Google – and every SEO company will boasts about their success in outsmarting Google.  And that comes with the promise that they can do it for you faster and cheaper. Why bother with “creating content that your customer love and want”- that’s too much work, isn’t it? The ultimate goal is just to get noticed by Google? For a while, it would appear that the SEO experts have the upper hand, but I have my doubts that anyone can really beat the multi-billion enterprise whose livelihood is to provide accurate and relevant search results.  For every action, there seems to be a timely reaction.  With every new trick that the black-hats can dream up, Google most likely already has an algorithm that neutralizes the effect.  The spy-vs-spy game is far from over but there is a real trend towards getting back to the basics of marketing.

Even before Google, driving this trend is an internet audience tired of third rate blogs and content.  If they are your prospects, they have an expectation that you do not waste their time with SEO-tailored junk content.  “Tricking” them to come to your site with disappointing content or downloads is the fastest way of killing any chance of conversion.  Companies who use third rate freelance writers who are not subject matter experts may not realize that they may be missing the mark of what their prospects want and love to see.  If you plan to use a content writer for your blog, make sure that you get a subject matter expert (as rare as they may be) and stay engaged in the content creation process.  Thinking that content is just another SEO chore to be outsourced can backfire.

Whether you love or hate Google, it is their bread and butter to give their customers what they want in terms of searches.  The world wide web’s audience is getting more picky, and likewise so is Google.  As we all know, Google continuously changes its ranking algorithms.  And this is partially in response to the moves and counter moves of SEOs.  But the fundamental of Google’s business does not change – relevant, original, informative and entertaining content that meet the requests of the searchers. So just having a blog that fills up space for page ranking purpose may not do it as much as having content that meets a more human criteria.  The same is true for social media and videos.  Bad and boring content that is less than original is not going to do it for Google.  The million dollar question is how does Google with all its spiders and bots know what the humans are looking for.  Google is not there yet but it has made quite a bit of progress in term on intelligent contextual versus dumb word-based searches.

If you are a true marketer at heart, digital marketing is not just about SEO.  If you know what your customers want and love, you will not need to worry too much about all things SEO! Stay focused.

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