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Inbound Charity: Why making your website look "too commercial" may not help you?

Posted by Lester Lee on Tue, Nov 10, 2015 @ 21:11 AM


I am sure we all appreciate the difference between a nice homecooked meal and something from a restaurant.  The idea that something looks commercially produced may be less appealing especially in our overly commercial world.  The personal touch and a little bit of imperfection may actually add color and flavor.  The same is true when we visit a website.

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HUBSPOT, leader in Inbound Marketing Automation, lands in Singapore in Q4-2015.

Posted by Lester Lee on Mon, Jul 06, 2015 @ 43:11 AM

The "inventor" of Inbound Marketing Automation, HUBSPOT will be establishing an office in Singapore in Q4 this year.  A lead team of HUBSPOT executives will be in Singapore in August to recruit staff and setup its office in the Little Red Dot -- great timing with SG50!  We have had HUBSPOT users from businesses and charities from quite a few years back in Singapore, and we believe that it is set to grow as Inbound and HUBSPOT continues to gain traction.  Newly IPOed last year and yes, have joined the ranks of a $1B public company, HUBSPOT has over 15,000 companies worldwide using its next generation marketing automation software.

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SEO: Are You Smarter Than Google?

Posted by Lester Lee on Tue, Mar 31, 2015 @ 31:04 PM

[Picture Credit: MindoxSEO.com]

How much of the so-called content put out there for the sole purpose of SEO is truly thought provoking and original, and worth taking the time to read? With so much emphasis on "content marketing", webmasters are pushing content out there at a phenomenal rate.  Is every company trying to out blog the other?  With that we should not be surprised if the quality of content marketing begins to slide.  So how does all of this impact SEO, and more importantly, your digital marketing investments?

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5 Reasons Why You Must Get Your Customer's Email Address

Posted by Lester Lee on Mon, Jan 26, 2015 @ 19:11 PM


Like most businesses that depends on the internet and social media to generate leads and conversion to customers, you should not overlook customers that visit your "brick and mortar" store or business as "walk-in" customers. If you do not get their e-mail and their permission to connect with them, this is really a missed opportunity. Depending on your business, most B2C will have plenty of customers whom you have no way to connect with - and email is still a great way. (Personally, I will not "connect" with a business o

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Content Marketing Strategy Must Have Persona, Funnel and Promotion

Posted by Lester Lee on Mon, Nov 24, 2014 @ 53:08 AM

The number one concern about Inbound Marketing from most small business owners are - "Who has time and resources to write the blogs and e-books?".  Most understand the logic of Inbound Marketing, but are really concerned about their ability to commit to delivering the content needed to power the Inbound investment.  Alternatively, the idea of a static website seems more appealing.  Developing a content strategy that is cost effective and works requires marketers to take a hard look at "the funnel" -- and take a more analytical look at the 3 most important steps below:

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Personas are not built in a vacuum - Inbound Lessons

Posted by Kok Ching Lim on Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 00:06 AM

Recently, I spent a week at Isetan Scotts, Singapore, as a promoter for Healthy Beauty Forum Aojiru for BeauBeau Singapore (www.beaubeau.me). BeauBeau Singapore is the distributor for HBF Aojiru in ASEAN.

In addition to acquiring blisters and feet aches, I also realized that buyer personas are not built in a vacuum.

When BeauBeau Singapore first started, we developed a few versions of Buyer Personas – for example, Jon The Man, and Ying the Young. We wrote stories and imagined how they will use the product, how they will evaluate the product, and ultimately purchase it. And we developed action items and content strategies based on this. Nonetheless, not much was achieved.

What was the missing link?

One word: Reality.

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De-Mystifying Social Media

Posted by Prof. Wade Halvorson on Tue, Sep 30, 2014 @ 51:04 AM

With people talking about your business online, the power of social media cannot be ignored. Wade Halvorson provides some pointers on joining the conversation

The official video clip of Korean singer Psy performing Gangnam Style has been viewed on YouTube 2,070,893,622 times. That’s over two billion and seventy million hits. The population of China is ‘only’ one billion three hundred and sixty-six million. The video went ‘viral’, which means people used social media to recommend it to others. The astonishing number of views grew through electronic word-of-mouth via social media.

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Marketing Automation is the Future of Digital Marketing

Posted by Lester Lee on Tue, Jul 29, 2014 @ 04:12 PM


As an inbound marketer, if you are only doing one channel such as blogging, life is probably manageable.  What if you are having to juggle multiple platforms -- trying to integrate your website, blogs,e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, and others?

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First Inbound Marketing Week Event in Singapore!

Posted by Lester Lee on Wed, Jun 11, 2014 @ 22:11 AM

When HubSpot suggested the event many months back, there was a bit of hesitation about hosting this event in Singapore.  Of course, the public is generally sceptical about the quality of education of such "free" events and if it is even worth their time and effort.  To make sure we respect the customer, we developed an list of agenda topics we thought would be of value - and we stuck to it.  Then we wanted to tie it up with a clear "take-away" message and that took some brainstorming.  The message we wanted out attendees to focus on is: inbound marketing is the future of digital marketing and new developments in marketing automation is making executing such strategies easy enough that marketers can be in the driver's seat.  So we started developing the discussion along these lines.

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2014 Inbound e-Commerce in Singapore

Posted by Lester Lee on Mon, Apr 21, 2014 @ 54:10 AM


While having the honor of being the most connected island state, Singapore's penetration in e-Commerce versus her brick-and-mortar counterparts has not been shiny star in this first world economy.  Singapore ranks 30th in the world for online retail spending. But much of that is changing, thanks in part to government policies on labor and skyrocketing rentals for retail space.  Due to popular unhappiness in Singapore about overcrowding and limited public infrastructure to support the current growth of immigrant residents, we have seen the government push to reduce the number of foreign workers that companies can hire by tweeking the local-to-foreign worker ratio of SMEs.  This has impacted the retail and service industries the hardest, and we do not see relieve in sight.  With loose Fed money swirling around this open economy, Singapore has also enjoyed an real estate boom when US and EU are struggling to come out of their recession.  Asset inflation has hit hard on the costs of retail space in Singapore.

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