We are INBOUND MARKETING using Hubspot Marketing Automation in Singapore and ASEAN.

Optimal eMarketing is all about helping SMEs and Regional Companies develop and execute fully integrated digital marketing solutions using INBOUND MARKETING strategies. Our goal is to help companies GET FOUND in an increasingly crowded internet by achieving a strong digital footprint for your brand.  Based in dynamic and centrally located Singapore, we support clients who view ASEAN as their market.

Our principals have extensive experience in sales and marketing in Asian markets, in both B2B and B2C industries.  Coming from the "traditional" sales and marketing world, we believe that companies can no longer "put off" the new digital media.  It is our philosophy to help our clients making that transition seamlessly by strategically integrating new with traditional media.  We belief that while every business is different, the fundamentals of a sound marketing strategy and business plan remain the same.  Making sure that our client gets the "big picture" of the business is the critical starting point.

As digital marketing gets more sophisticated with new technology such as mobile smartphones and new ways of connecting such as social media, it is even more important that a successful marketing program does not add more useless noise to the already distracted consumer.  To break through the crowd, our digital marketing philosophy is to created sufficient value to have the prospective customer wanting to stay engaged and making the relationship two-ways.  Whether you call that Godin's "permission marketing" or Hubspot's "creating marketing people love", following this approach will allow you to build a growing and loyal customer base to help you realise the full potential of your customers' lifetime value.  We believe that INBOUND MARKETING is both cost effective, sustainable and best suited to optimise your customer lifetime potential value.

Many digital entrepreneurs live from one digital campaign to another.    Given the dynamic and rapidly changing digital landscape, this is not sustainable -- it is important to build your best strategy using an integrated digital marketing software platform where all your tools and analytics are in one place and simple to use.  The right platform can be the difference between success and failure.  The key to make digital marketing cost effective and easy to manage so that our clients can spend more of their energy on innovation and creativity, and less on busywork. We believe that our clients can execute their strategy best when they are supported by HUBSPOT3 platform.

Combined with actionable analytics, we can help our clients continuously experiment and improve their digital marketing effectiveness.  We believe the best is yet to come in digital marketing, so helping our clients understand that  the real fun is in the journey not the destination.  There is still lots to learn and discover in making digital marketing work harder for your business.

Inbound Marketing Consultants

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Lester Lee is currently Managing Director and co-founder of Optimal eMarketing and has over 25 years business experience in healthcare, general management, sales & marketing and e-business with both regional and global responsibilities in several MNCs. He has lived and worked in Malaysia, Singapore, China, USA and Indonesia and is currently based in Singapore.  Lester holds a BA(Economics/Political Science) from Claremont McKenna College, MBA (Chicago Booth School of Business) and MA Public Policy (Harris School of Public Policy) from the University of Chicago, and is a US Certified Public Accountant(CPA)


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Kok-Ching LIM is a consultant with Optimal eMarketing and has 15 years of business experience in technology and start-up companies.  He has worked in sales and marketing roles with regional corporations and spearheaded projects to fulfill strategic objectives.  Kok Ching holds a BBA (Hons) with National University of Singapore (NUS) and an MBA with emphasis in Technology Management from the University of California, Berkeley.  He enjoys running and contributes articles to forums and publications in his free time